Get Healthy 8 Week Challenge

Improve your health, one habit at a time

Our 8 week Get Lean challenge is an attainable nutrition and lifestyle program based on changing just one habit at a time. Simple and easy. It's true that this isn't the fastest weight loss approach, but that's generally considered a good thing. Weight loss and healthy living is a lifelong process. There's no hurry! The program is delivered via daily emails (for 8 weeks). At the start of each week the email will introduce you to the habit you'll adopt that week, and each subsequent email that week will include some combination of tips, information, motivation, and even a few recipes. You'll also receive a tracking sheet at the beginning of each week that you can use to keep tabs on how you're doing. The science is pretty clear that this form of accountability is very effective. Because we know most people dislike food diaries, we've come up with a much easier (and shorter) option. That's pretty much it. 8 weeks = 8 habits. The habits are cummulative, so in week 2, you'll continue to follow the habit from week 1 as well as the habit from week 2.

Here's how a couple of our previous participants described it: "I think that your approach is one that makes sense in that it’s so important to understand that adding healthy habits isn’t difficult. Normally in any weight loss program it’s about what not to eat or what not to do. Your approach is accessible, and builds on good habits, so I feel it’s more likely to be sustainable. I look forward to the daily emails and i now recognize the value of thinking about and documenting the development of good habits at the end of each day" Are you looking for a bigger challenge? If so, I suggest you check out our Get Lean Challenge instead. The content and the habits that you'll adopt are the same, but in the Get Lean Challenge, you'll work on reducing how much junk food you eat right from the start, while in the Get Healthy Challenge, you'll work on adding healhty habits first. Based on feedback and results from previous programs, the Get Lean Challenge is a bit harder but the results (from those who finished it) are also better. Remember that being able to stick to a program is the most important part, so keep that in mind when you choose.

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